Special Offer

In 2012, I was guided by the Fae to create a spiritual course which focused on the protection of Mother Earth after I continually reached out to them in despair and how I was able to be a caretaker of animals and plants. So, Guardians of Mother Earth was created and it is something very dear to me. whether you believe in the Fae or not, if you have a strong connection to the Earth and try and do your best to protect her from all the harm humans have inflicted on her over the centuries, this is the course for you. The Fae do not judge you by your belief systems, your religious views, gender or sexuality but they do judge you by how humans treat the earth, the animals, plants and each other. Of course, it is very hard to not leave your foot print on the land, society makes it so hard! But we can do our best and it does start from you. Guardianship training involves protecting Mother Earth through energy work, helping to raise humanities energies in general and to spread positivity and help you on your own journey, among other things. You can learn more about this course here

There is a special offer for Guardians of Mother Earth which will end on the
30th of September.

The Special Offer

From £99 to £55